1. Hills Like White Elephants – Ernest Hemingway.pdf Click for more options
  2. jackson_lottery.pdf  Click for more options
  3. The Masque of the Red Death.pdf

So Paragraph one: Tell me how you see COLOR being used symbolically in the three stories. Two of them use color very specifically, one it is less obvious, more in the background. What do YOU think the use of color means SYMBOLICALLY and WHY do you think that? (Think of how we like to use RED on Valentines day and Christmas, Green on St. Patricks Day etc.). Colors can represent feelings, emotions, qualities etc. Give it a try!

Paragraph 2: Pick on thing that stood out TO YOU in each story as symbolic, that is not a color, as you did that above (remember a symbol is SOMETHING that stands in FOR SOMETHING ELSE in a story). So if you are going to tell me A is symbolic, you need to tell me what you felt it stood for (A was symbolic for B). Find Just ONE in each story that stood out TO YOU (it doesn’t have to be a main one, there are many in each story), and tell me:

  1.  What the Symbol is
  2. What you think it is a symbol FOR
  3.  and what about the story makes you think that (your back up/support).