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Video Title : Harvest of Empire.
1.The basic premise that Juan Gonzalez makes in the film “Harvest of Empire” is that
2.According to Juan Gonzalez, in what time frame will most of the U.S. Population be made up of people who come from Latin America ?
3.Which of the following makes the Mexican immigrant experience unique?
4.What was the significance of Pearl Harbor and World War Il in terms of immigration?
5. What were the common factors the led to the Latino immigrant movement to America?
6.What is the connection between the plight of African Americans and Latino immigrants in America?
7. What is the Bracero Program?
8. What does NAFTA stand for? 
9.NAFTA is an agreement between 
10. According to Juan Gonzalez, how has NAFTA impacted the Mexican Farmers?
11. Which President implemented the immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) ?
12.What was the major accomplishment of IRCA?
13. How did this film change your thoughts, if any, about the immigration issue here in America?

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